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We know you love the feel of your soft carpet when it’s freezing outside and you don’t have to feel the cold tile underneath your feet. Your carpet is carefully chosen, and you want it to be a long-lasting investment. However, in the absence of proper care and cleanliness, your carpet can start to look filthy and become a nest for harmful and disease-causing germs and bacterias. It is not easy to clean a carpet all on your own. The size, thickness and weight of the carpet altogether can make it a tedious task to clean it at home. We understand that some tasks are better handled in the hands of experienced professionals. This is where Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services come in handy. So what do you do when your carpet is in dire need of a thorough cleaning? Contact Clean Master Melbourne to help you with all your carpet cleaning worries.

Without a proper and frequent cleanse, your carpet can start to look extremely dull and lifeless. This can lead you to believe that it’s time for you to invest in a new one but in fact, you only need to have it properly cleaned to give it the revitalising lift that it needs. Buying a carpet in itself is a costly investment, and we do not want to let it go to waste. Our Melbourne carpet cleaning services aim to help you preserve the beauty and texture of your beautiful carpet for a long time.

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    Reasons Why you Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

    In your hectic everyday schedule, we recognize the value of a helping hand. It is not always possible to keep things prim and proper by using DIY methods. We try our best to keep our homes spic and span, but sometimes little things can slip your mind. However, these little things are not so little in the long run. When left unattended for a long time, your carpet can gather a lot of dirt, dust, and unwelcome substances that can take a serious toll on your wallet as well as your health. Clean Master Melbourne is here to give a boost to your carpet and make it more durable and vibrant for you. Here are some of the major reasons why you need a Melbourne carpet cleaning service:

    Routine Cleaning for Better Carpet Life

    Making room for routine cleanups for your carpet in your busy schedule can improve your carpet health significantly. A carpet that is periodically and properly cleaned will last for years to come. Spending a little now can save you a lot later!

    Health Hazards

    Before you know it, your soft and expensive carpet can turn into a depository for dirt, grime, bacteria, mould and fungus. This is natural considering that your carpet comes in contact with so much throughout the day. If these harmful accumulation is not kept in check, it can pose a threat to your health and the health of your loved ones. Take the help of carpet cleaning Melbourne services to avoid the buildup of harmful germs in your carpet.

    Persistent stains

    Spills and stains on your carpet are unavoidable in a busy household. No matter how hard you try, you cannot stop these little accidents from happening. When addressed promptly, these can be effortlessly dealt with. However, a little delay can cause these stains to become etched in your carpet fabric. To get rid of these bright and persistent stains, it’s best to choose a carpet cleaning service Melbourne.

    Pungent and Disturbing Odours

    Overtime, your carpet can trap a wide range of substances and smells. A nasty smelling carpet can be very embarrassing for you. To save you from this embarrassment and to help your carpet smell just as fresh as it looks, Clean Master Melbourne is always at your service.

    Our Cleaning Process

    At Clean Master Melbourne, we follow an extensive yet effective carpet cleaning procedure that is specifically designed keeping in mind the unique needs of your carpet. Our team of experts always strives for customer satisfaction and quality service. Let us walk you through our step-by-step cleaning process to help you understand our techniques better:

    Step 1 – Careful Evaluation

    Before we begin our carpet cleaning process, we do a meticulous and in-depth evaluation of your carpet to determine the kind of treatment necessary for you. We take into consideration many factors before proceeding with our treatment such as the texture and fabric of your carpet.

    Step 2 – Treating your Carpet

    Following the analysis of the inspection, we will create a customised treatment plan for you so we can clean your carpet in the best way possible. We might pre-treat stains so it becomes easy to get rid of them during the cleaning process. Our carefully chosen cleaning solutions are gentle on your carpet fabric and absolutely safe for you.

    Step 3 – Deep and Thorough Cleaning

    After the pre-treatment is done, we will start the deep cleaning process for your carpet to make your carpet look spotless and smell as fresh as it was when you bought it. We may use steam cleaning, dry cleaning or hot water extraction methods, depending on which suits your carpet the most.

    Step 4 – Sanitisation

    We use the best sanitisers available in the market to effectively eliminate any remaining germs and bacteria from your carpet. We may also deodorise your carpet to remove any persistent odours and make it smell fresh and feel amazing.

    carpet cleaning process

    Step 5 – Post-Inspection and Follow up

    We never want to leave room for error. Once we wind up the entire procedure, our team will once again examine every inch of the carpet to make sure nothing has been left out. In case it so happens that you notice something after we leave, we will make sure to do a follow-up visit to address your concerns.

    Comprehensive Array Of Carpet Cleaning Services Available In Melbourne

    There are many aspects of carpet cleaning and we cover all of them. After having looked at the services you will realise that these are the best solutions to every kind of carpet cleaning problem. We have a team of professionals for Carpet Cleaning Melbourne in order to finish these services successfully. Let us have a look at the comprehensive array of carpet cleaning services available with us in Melbourne.

    Steam Carpet Cleaning

    Worthiest Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Carpet steam cleaning is a worthy method for complete carpet cleaning. It is the way to remove and clean dirt, stains, odours and germs out of your carpet. In the process, we treat the carpet with hot water after pre-vacuum cleaning and apply the detergent solutions on it. Later on, agitation and rinsing clean the carpet completely.

    carpet dry cleaning

    Outstanding Carpet Dry Cleaning

    It is the most regarded method for carpet cleaning because it takes less time than any other carpet cleaning method. In this method, we pre-vacuum clean the carpet and later on apply the carpet dry cleaning solution. Our team for Carpet Cleaning Melbourne does not take more than an hour to clean a carpet area of 10*10 ft.

    carpet shampooing

    Carpet Shampooing Specialist

    Carpet wash and shampooing is the method suggested by most of the carpet manufacturers. In this method, carpet is cleaned with the help of the rotary machine which is used for pouring the shampoo solution and agitating the carpet fibres. We have the best carpet shampooing specialist available in Melbourne.

    Hot water Extraction

    Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

    To clean extremely dirty and stained carpet, we utilise hot water extraction carpet cleaning. In this method, carpet is cleaned many times with hot water and detergent solution. When we extract the water out of the carpet it brings out the contaminants together. This is the last choice of professional carpet cleaners for Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.

    carpet stain removal

    Excellent Carpet Stain Protection in Melbourne

    You do not have control over your actions which can lead to stains on your carpet. To solve this problem, you can install a carpet stain protector. The thin layer of the stain protector saves your carpet from the attacks of dirt and stains particles and keeps the carpet fibres in an intact condition for a long time.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning To Kill Germs

    There are many types of germs and pathogens which can make your carpet as their living room. The presence of these germs is not good for you and your family. We have the solution to it in the form of a carpet cleaning service which kills germs and pathogens. Sometimes, our team for Carpet Cleaning Melbourne call it carpet sanitisation or carpet disinfection.

    carpet odour removal

    Carpet Odour Removal in Melbourne

    When your carpet faces dirt and stains particles and if that is not cleaned on the right time then it may produce bad odours. It becomes tough to sustain in a stinky and smelly condition. Call our professionals who have the expertise to remove all types of carpet odours with organic and environmentally friendly methods. Sometimes, we call it carpet deodorisation.

    carpet mould removal

    Best Carpet Mould Removal

    Mould can easily grow on the carpet if there will be any source of moisture inside. The extreme of the mould condition is that you can lose your complete carpet. This problem increases at a very high rate. Our professionals are ready to remove the grown mould and clean your carpet. We try our best to reach deep within the fibres to clean it by root.

    Unwavering Solution For Carpet stain removal

    Stains in the carpet occur more than anything else. Considering the different carpet stain occurring situations in the customer’s life, we have a dedicated service for the removal of these carpet stains.

    Nail polish stain

    Some of the ladies are in a habit to polish their nails while sitting or standing over the carpet and spill it on it. We have a professional way to clean it.

    Urine stain

    Your kids and pets can pee anywhere and that can be your carpet too. We have urine cleaners to save your carpet from yellow stain and its odour caused by urine.

    Carpet Blood Stain Removal

    Anyone can have a minor or major accident which can cause blood spill on the carpet. If it occurs with you, feel free to contact Clean Master Melbourne for carpet blood stain removal service.

    Food stain

    Who does not eat and spill even though you are very careful. The food may be in solid, semi-liquid or liquid form but it will affect your carpet fibres if not cleaned at the right time.

    Beverage Stain

    There are varieties of beverage and all of them can affect your carpet fibres with equal strength. It includes tea and coffee, red wine or any other wine, and juice and cold drinks.

    Ink stain

    It is a very rare stain on the carpet but when it occurs it has a severe impact on the carpet fibres colour and strength. It is not easy for all to clean a carpet ink stain. Our professionals can help you the best in this regard.

    Oil and grease stain

    It is considered as the worst stains which can occur on your carpet or any other belongings. Our professionals have the expertise to remove it carefully. You must know that the direct use of water can worsen the situation and stain areas.

    Vomit stain Removal

    The dirtiest stain and no one wants to clean it because it has bad odours. Our professionals can easily clean it because they have the cleaning kit and tools which eases the cleaning and vomit removal process.

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    Why Hire Us?

    It can get difficult to choose from such a wide variety of options when it comes to getting your carpet cleaned. For years, Clean Master Melbourne has made sure to provide you the best services, keeping in mind cost concerns as well as customer satisfaction. We make it a point to be there for you at all hours during the day. Our same day and emergency services come to your rescue whenever you are stuck with your carpet cleaning worries.

    Experience: With years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, our workflow is the most efficient and reliable. Our team of competent and adept professionals will make sure your carpet is cleaned to perfection. At Clean Master Melbourne, we leave no stone unturned to give your carpet the upliftment it deserves!

    Affordable: With our services, carpet cleaning does not have to be an exorbitant affair. We ensure that we make our cleaning process as cost effective for you as we can. Leave your monetary worries behind and contact us today to make a quick and easy booking.

    Emergency Services at your Fingertips: In Melbourne, we are available for you at all hours of the day. Whenever an emergency strikes, we are there to save the day. Our same day and emergency services ensure that you never have to go through a moment of panic. Just give us a call, and we will be there at your doorstep.

    State of the art Equipment: We make sure to always keep up with the technological trends, which is why we invest in the latest and quality equipment to make your carpet cleaning experience a smooth one.

    Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    Be it the carpet you so lovingly placed in your living room, or the one that you laid down in your office to make it look more pleasing, we are here to help you preserve it. At Clean Master Melbourne, we provide both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to help you spruce up both your living and working space. Our carpet cleaning service Melbourne employs the best and most environmentally friendly cleaning methods that truly work. It doesn’t matter what kind of carpet you want cleaned, we have a host of cleaning solutions to meet different fabric needs. Neither your home nor your workspace will now seem dull as we ensure that your carpets are always spotless and bright. Contact us now to avail our Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services at the most discounted rates.

    residential carpet cleaning
    emergency carpet cleaning

    Same Day and Emergency Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    Watching your treasured carpet get stained in front of your eyes can be heartbreaking. When you have tried all cleaning methods at home and the stain still refuses to leave your carpet, don’t worry. Emergency does not strike at a particular time during the day, and we understand that. We always want to be there for you with our Melbourne Carpet Cleaning service. This is why we provide same day and emergency services to make sure we are at your aid, no matter what the time!

    Finding a trusted, local carpet cleaning service can be relatively easier. However, finding one that is both cost effective and promises same day and emergency cleaning can get challenging. That is where we come in! The moment you need any assistance with your carpet, we turn the entire cleaning process into a cakewalk. Not only do we give you clean and spotless carpets, we also leave you with tips on how to keep your carpets in the best condition possible.

    emergency carpet cleaning

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    Services We Offer

    If you are a resident of Melbourne, you never have to worry about your carpet cleaning needs. Our services aim to provide you with individualised solutions for all your problems. At Clean Master Melbourne, we offer a wide range of services to fulfil all your needs. Here is a list of services that we provide in Melbourne:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Professional and expert carpet cleaners can help you preserve your precious carpet for years to come. It is always a good idea to invest in carpet cleaning services to keep the health and beauty of your carpet intact and also to increase its lifespan. At Clean Master Melbourne we make sure your investment never goes to waste.

    The overall cost of getting your carpet thoroughly cleaned depends on various factors such as the size of your carpet, its size, as well as the cleaning methods we will require to get it effectively cleaned. Don’t let this scare you though. With us, you can be sure to get the best services at the most affordable rates.

    You can use various DIY methods to clean your carpet at home. These are everyday methods to help you keep your carpet safe and healthy. However, it is advised to hire professional services from time to time to ensure proper and deep cleaning of your carpet.

    At Clean Master Melbourne, we never want to leave you in a state of panic. Whenever you need a carpet cleaning service at the earliest, our same day and emergency services will make sure that we are there for your carpet cleaning needs 24×7. Whenever you require our services just give us a call and we will be there for you.

    You can call us through the contact number mentioned on our website or fill up our online form and request a free quote. Our customer support service is there for you 24×7 to provide you with any help or support that you may need and also ensure that you always make a quick and hassle-free booking.