Duct Cleaning Burwood East

Clean Master was established more than 10 years ago with the aim to offer air ducts risk management and duct cleaning Burwood East services. Clean Master Burwood East offers a wide range of duct cleaning services including cleaning of air conditioner, kitchen exhaust, and laundry duct.

Our experts have the required skill and experience that helps us in providing effective and timely results. Clean Master offers the best duct cleaning Burwood East services. With numerous certification and testimonials from previous customers, our name is worth trusting on for duct cleaning services. Duct cleaning is a dangerous and risky task. It should be dealt with proficient approach by professional cleaners only. Clean Master professional staff has expertise and experience in air cleaning and duct cleaning system.

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Duct Cleaning Burwood East
Duct Cleaning Burwood East

Laundry Duct Cleaning Burwood East

Duct cleaning of laundry machines is very vital and must be done from time to time. Most people are reluctant to take duct cleaning Burwood East services for laundry. But you shouldn’t worry about high costs. Unclean duct vents can be risky if not cleaned regularly. Drying clothes generates a large amount of lint from clothes. These lint are inflammable and easily catch fire.

Hotels and commercial laundry machines have built-in extraction systems for ducts. They suck the moisture laden warm air from drying machine and blow it outside. This air contains minute lint particles which stack up at the tip of duct pipes. Hence it is highly recommended to hire professional duct cleaning services to clean these systems and reduce the chances of fire and blockage. Clogged ducts also reduce the efficiency of laundry machines.

According to CPSC, blockage in laundry ducts causes more than 16000 fires every year. More than 200 people are injured annually due to negligence in laundry duct cleaning.

Laundry Duct Cleaning Burwood East
Laundry Duct Cleaning

Here is a list of warning signs or symptoms which indicate that your laundry ducts are full of lint:

  • Increased time to dry clothes
  • Reduced efficiency of laundry machine
  • Unexpected switching off of laundry machine
  • Burnt smell from laundry machine
  • Machine getting hotter from outside
  • Clothes are hotter after they are dried
  • Rusted ducts
  • Higher humidity in the room

Clean laundry ducts prevent the danger of blockage and fires. It reduces the overall drying time which will lead to lower electric bills. Clean Master duct cleaning Burwood East services helps you save both time and money. You will need lesser repairs and maintenance costs will also be reduced. Call us at 0359071540 to schedule an appointment and get a FREE quote of Clean Master duct cleaning Burwood East services. Professional duct cleaning services pays for itself in long run.

Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Burwood East

Duct cleaning for air conditioner is a widely used services in Burwood East area. It comprises of removal of dust and dirt in air ducts. Your family spends most of its time indoors. Therefore it is very significant to ensure clean air for them to breath for their good health. A study from EPA has shown that indoor pollutants created from air ducts are far more harmful than outdoor pollutants.

Our day to day activities generate a large amount of air pollutants like pollens, chemicals, dirt particles, and smoking odours. The air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems pull in these pollutants and then re-circulate them into indoor air ten to twelve times a day. Furthermore, these contaminants and pollutants build-up in passage or air ducts through which air moves. Clean Master provides the best duct cleaning Burwood East services for all kinds of air conditioners.

Duct Cleaning Services Burwood East
Duct Cleaning Services

Time to time professional air ducts cleaning can help you get rid of several respiratory problems. It will be beneficial to your family in numerous ways. It will reduce the dust and increase clean air in home and offices. Duct cleaning will also facilitate the flow of clean air in the air conditioner air ducts. Your family can breathe clean and fresh air indoors and also nurse their allergies.

According to NADCA, regular cleaning of entire air conditioning system is necessary in order to eliminate allergens and pollutants. Clean Master uses safe and environment friendly methods of duct cleaning Burwood East.

Call us at 0359071540 to schedule an appointment and get a FREE quote of Clean Master duct cleaning Burwood East services. You can send us any queries related to our duct cleaning services. Our experts will be delighted to answer them.

Air Duct Cleaning Burwood East
Air Duct Cleaning Burwood East

Duct Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Burwood East

The process of cleaning kitchen exhaust ducts involves removing dust and grease which gets stuck inside the vents, hoods, fans, and ducts of kitchen exhaust systems. Grease will eventually accumulate in kitchen exhausts and chimneys if left unchecked. They pile up with enough materials to create extremely hazardous fires. Kitchen exhaust ducts must be examined and reviewed from time to time to prevent large amounts of grease and oil from accumulating inside kitchen ducts.

We at Clean Master Burwood East offers a wide range of kitchen exhaust duct cleaning Burwood East services. No project is too big or too small for our professional cleaners. The entire kitchen exhaust system in homes, restaurants, hospitals, and hotels are first scraped. Then we use hot water and chemicals and solutions which are approved for safety to rinse the residue particles.

  • The accumulated grease and oil have numerous negative side effects. The ducts which is used in the exhaust and hoods of kitchens are flammable.
  • They can easily cause fire under high temperatures leading to heavy loss of property and life.
  • The kitchen exhaust in the ducts and hood can also start dripping after a short period of time. Right where your food gets cooked. This causes contamination of food making it germ infested, which means higher risk of health hazards.  
  • Irregular cleaning can also create blockage of kitchen exhaust ducts. This will put higher load on the kitchen exhaust thus increasing the electricity consumption. It also makes the kitchen uncomfortable and hotter to work in.
Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning Burwood East
Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Why Contact Clean Master Burwood East ?

If you are still skeptical about cleaning about why you should contact us for your duct cleaning needs, there are few reasons that can help your clear all your doubts.

  • We have an experienced and highly proactive duct cleaning team.
  • With the appropriate experience and right training our cleaners can bring you the best results.
  • Being the local service providers, we make a direct connection with our clients and understand their requirements to the best.
  • We are also available for same day duct cleaning inspection.
  • We are equipped with the right cleaning tools and advanced skills.
  • Also, we do not consider our task accomplished until our client is completely satisfied.
  • We are capable of cleaning all types of ducts in residential spaces.

Call us at 0359071540 to schedule an appointment and avail our expert duct cleaning Burwood East services.

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