How To Steam Clean A Carpet?

After summer the homeowner looks for cleaning their home, it’s necessary to get the carpet completely cleaned. To counter this problem and properly clean the carpet, the carpet steam cleaning method is followed.

Steam cleaning is an effective way of cleaning the carpet using a steam cleaning machine and some cleaning solution. Steam activates the compounds present in the cleaning solution, which helps in carpet sanitizing and Carpet Stain Removal. Also, there is no toxic ingredient involved which may harm the environment. There’s a small amount of water is involved in the process, which is why the carpet takes time to get dry.

Here is The Step by Step Guide for Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Carpet cleaning isn’t an easy task, but with precision and technique, the carpet can be cleaned. While carpet steam cleaning, one needs to be determined, so that the carpet will be completely cleaned.

First, Vacuum The Carpet Thoroughly.

Hidden dust and dirt grime might interfere while Carpet Steam Cleaning, the grime would be stuck deep into the carpet fabric and damages the lint. Therefore, a thorough vacuum cleaning must be done before steam cleaning.

Before starting, remove all the objects from the carpet. Such as toys, furniture and other things.

Attach an additional brush to the vacuum cleaner, this brush will help in removing the dirt and dust completely.

Run the vacuum cleaner all over the carpet, do it twice to ensure that all the dust and dirt grimes has been removed.

Treat The Stains.

For treating the stains, first, you need a stain removal solvent. You can get one online, make sure it’s safe on the carpet. To check, whether the carpet solvent is safe or not, do a spot test, apply a small amount of solvent in a hidden area of the carpet. Check if the colour of the fabric is fading, if the colours are fading, stop it right away and seek professionals help. Professional carpet cleaners have varieties of cleaning solvents and carpet stain removal solvents, they’ll use the appropriate cleaning solvents. But if your carpet stain removal solvent is safe, use it anyway.

Apply the carpet stain removal solvent on a soft piece of cloth and then dab the stain with it. Apply a few drops of solvent also directly on the stain affected area. Keep dabbing the stain, do not rub, rubbing will spread the stain and make it worse. Keep dabbing until the stain is completely gone.

Prepare The Atmosphere For Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Bring the steam cleaning machine, and gather cleaning solvent and water. Fill the machine tank with water and turn on the machine let the water boil, when it starts to boil add the cleaning solvent (You can use any cleaning solvent). When the water starts to boil and steam is ready, start the steam cleaning.

Operate the Steam Cleaning Machine Properly.

Carpet steam cleaning does two things at once, carpet sanitizing and carpet cleaning. It’s better to read the instruction manual carefully, before using the carpet steam cleaning machine. Once you understand it, hold the steam cleaning machine and start Carpet Steam Cleaning. Start the machine from a corner point and horizontally reach to the other end of the carpet. Keep cleaning in the same manner, once you’re done, fill the tank with clean water and this time does the steam cleaning using fresh water. Freshwater will clear the soap residue and ensure smooth carpet cleaning.

Once you’re done let the carpet dry on its own, open the windows and turn on the fan, the carpet will get dry overnight.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Seek Professional Assistance.

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