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Rugs come in all different shapes, sizes, and fabrics. But there is a lot in maintaining the rugs. To maintain the shape and hygiene of your rug you can hire Clean Master Melbourne– a professional rug cleaning agency in Melbourne. Our Rug Cleaning Melbourne team loves cleaning rugs and we have been doing this for many years. Moreover, it really gives us a great sense of satisfaction when we see your dirty and stained rugs in an absolutely clean condition at the end of our service.

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    Same Day Easy To Book Services For Rug Cleaning In Melbourne

    Many situations occur where you ignore the cleaning of the rugs and you cannot help but feel embarrassed when guests arrive at your house and see those dirty rugs. What you can do is simply call us for rug cleaning services. We at Clean Master Melbourne offer same day rug cleaning services. For this, we reach your place quickly and most probably within an hour of your bookings.

    Professional Rug Cleaning Melbourne

    Cleaning Services That We Offer For Rug Owners In Melbourne

    We offer all kinds of rug cleaning services to rug owners in Melbourne. Right from general cleaning, to sanitization and other treatments, we provide everything. For us, rug cleaning is like a complete rug detox procedure. That is why we give our best to provide any kind of rug cleaning service. Here are some of the most common rug cleaning services that we offer for our Melbourne residents:

    Steam Cleaning Rug-

    Steam cleaning is considered to be the best for cleaning most of your belongings. It is a very effective and long-lasting method of rug cleaning. Just like carpets, steam cleaning is very essential for your rugs too. Steam cleaning provides a deep cleaning option for your rugs. This is best to remove all the dust and dirt from deep inside the rug.

    Rug Stain Removal-

    Stains are likely to appear on the rugs. This can become a more serious problem when you have kids or pets around your house who contribute to the staining of the rugs. Rug stains can become serious spots if not cleaned on time. So, solve all your rug stain problems by hiring us for rug stain removal.

    Dry Cleaning-

    Dry cleaning of rugs can be very helpful for commercial areas. Due to continuous commuting, rugs cannot be left wet or for drying for a long period of time. With dry cleaning, you need not use water at all and the rugs will be cleaned using dry ingredients. So, it will be very useful for malls, stores and offices.

    Odour Removal-

    Yes, rugs do smell bad just like carpets. Rug odours can depend upon various reasons. A wet rug can give out a musty, mouldy smell. While a normal rug with pet urine or vomit stains can give out a bad, pungent smell. Whatever the reason for the smell may be, it can become worse and intolerable over time. That is why our agency offers rug odour removal services all across Melbourne.

    Mould Removal-

    Moulds are formed when there is a lot of moisture in your rugs. The moisture in the rugs can be because of stains, water, recent cleaning, or pet urine. No matter what, the presence of moisture causes moulds to grow at any cost. Moulds can be dangerous for your health. They can cause serious respiratory disorders so get them removed by our experts.

    Rug Sanitization-

    You might not know but there can be some germs and bacteria lingering onto your rug even after cleaning them. These can be removed and prevented by the rug sanitization process. Rug sanitization helps to avoid the absorption of dust, stains (to some extent), and germs.

    Rug Cleaning Steps That We Use For Long-lasting Results

    Our agency follows certain steps and methods to clean your rugs. Right from rug cleaning to sanitizing, we do it all. The services that we provide give long-lasting results to your rugs.

    Here are the cleaning steps that we use for long-lasting results:

    Pre-inspection and spot testing:

    We inspect & analyze your rugs properly. Then, we understand and make data out of our analysis. This analysis helps us to know the condition and seriousness of the rug damage. Depending on this, we then start providing the rug treatment.


    Vacuuming is very important before starting the cleaning process. This is because the loose soil that is present on the rug can make it difficult to clean it. If you remove the loose soil by vacuuming, you can remove the excess dust and clean the rugs thoroughly and efficiently. Otherwise, the soiled rug will form clumps while cleaning or washing them.

    Deep cleaning with hot carbonating extraction:

    Hot carbonating extraction is very similar to deep cleaning of rugs by steam cleaning. It uses hot water to extract dirt from all your dirty rugs. But this same function is done with a different approach when it comes to hot carbonating extraction. It cleans the rugs deeply with a superheated and low moisture content process. It does not soak the rug completely but forms microscopic bubbles to clean the rug.

    Brush and groom rug pile:

    You can often see that your rugs have dirt and stains particles on them. This can be due to the regular usage of the rugs. However, you must brush and groom the pile often to keep your rug looking great. The pile can make your rug look bad and it can also be uncomfortable. Get rid of this pile by regular grooming and brushing your rugs.

    Rug protectant:

    Rug protectant is the best way to protect your rugs from getting damaged. You just need to apply a layer of rug protectant products to keep them away from dirt, stains, and germs.

    Professional strength deodorizer:

    Using a professional strength deodorizer will help you a lot in getting rid of the rug odour. Often rug odour happens to be a major problem for people. That is why we provide professional strength deodorizing services for your rugs.


    Rugs can contain various kinds of germs and bacteria even after cleaning them. These rugs need to be sanitized to prevent germs and bacteria. Using a good sanitiser also goes a long way when it comes to rugs.

    Why Hire Our Professionals for Rug Cleaning Melbourne

    Our rug cleaning professionals are the best that you could ask for in Melbourne. We clean rugs at very affordable and amazing prices. All the staff that works with us is talented and hard-working. So, hire us for professional Rug Cleaning Melbourne services.

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